The Wombat Ware Files

  • The Quad Lock Integration With An Added Twist

    We look at a simple little hack to integrate the Quad Lock system into our iPad Cooling Case. It involves the Quad Lock Universal Adapter, an AMPS pattern template and some drilling. Performing this hack does void the Quad Lock warranty but we think the practical applications including the ease of mounting with Quad Lock might be worth the effort.
  • Mounting Options That Work With The iPad Cooling Case (Pilots Edition)

    The iPad Cooling Case can be used in many different settings, and different users may hold it or mount it differently. For Pilots who use their iPads as an Electronics Flight Bag, we present some mounting options that will work well with our iPad Cooling Case.
  • How Does The Cooling Case Work & How Effective Is It?

    In this short post, we explain briefly how our Cooling Case works and show (in our own test) how effective it was in keeping an iPad Mini cool while using it in a 30+ degree C day and under the sun. We also share a feedback from a user who used the Cooling Case while flying a drone on a super hot day and yet the iPad did not shutdown.