Keep Your iPad Mini Cool Even In The Sun

Wombat Ware iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case

The iPad Mini is an awesome piece of technology with many practical applications! The only problem is, using it in the sun or outdoors on a warm day tends to cause it to overheat and shut down.

For pilots in general aviation, drone pilots, media professionals or field workers who use their iPad Minis, a thermal shutdown creates a huge inconvenience to their workflow. 

The Wombat Ware Cooling Case is designed to be the perfect companion for your iPad Mini 6 keeping it cool while you focus on your task on hand - whether it's flying a plane, a drone, monitoring tech or gathering data.


Keeps your iPad Mini cool on a 40°C day

The case contains a temperature sensor that monitors the iPad temperature and turns on the fans when it gets too warm (over 32°C). While a built-in rechargeable battery powers the fans for up to 5 hours. 

Slim and portable

Measuring around 20mm thick, the cooling case fits the iPad Mini 6 snugly, so it is easy to carry around or placed on the knee when flying. 

Works with 3rd-party mounts

The cooling case is designed with the AMPS 4-hole pattern, so it works with different mounting solutions in the market. It also holds the Apple Pencil 2 so it won't be knocked off easily. 

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