Sneak Peek On Our iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case.

Sneak Peek On Our iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case.

It has been almost a year ago (Sep 2021) since Apple announced and released the iPad Mini 6. The new iPad Mini was launched with many new cool features including:

  • An Aluminium body with a slightly bigger screen (8.3"),
  • Touch ID on the power/sleep button,
  • USB-C connector replacing the lightning connector, and
  • Compatibility with the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil 

iPad mini 6 features

It has taken us a while but we have finally got round to working on our iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case!

Besides having the basic dimensional differences, we made sure to incorporate a design that allows users to fully utilise all the cool new features of the Gen 6 (e.g. touch ID, Apple Pencil etc). We are also considering adding knee strap mounts to the side and back of the case. This is still being tested and if you would like to have a say in this, please help us complete this simple survey:

Here's a sneak peek of one of our earlier prototypes that has knee strap mounts: 

iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case Early Prototype

It is possible that we will launch this on Kickstarter in the next 6 months or so with special early bird prices. If you would like to join us on this journey, do fill up the survey and enter your email or subscribe to be notified below. You might get a chance to be one of our early testers. Also, when you sign up, you won't miss out on the early bird offer!



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