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For a drone pilot, an iPad thermal shut down can be catastrophic and very expensive. However, the Wombat Ware Cooling Case can prevent this nightmare from occurring. Also, it allows you to securely mount your iPad to your controller. Finally I don't have to worry about my expensive iPad falling out and getting damaged. The Wombat Ware Cooling Case is a win-win for drone pilots. It will pay for itself by protecting your drone gear, and preventing accidents.

Jon in Phoenix, AZ USA

Thin & Lightweight

The Cooling Case for the iPad Mini 5 weighs 99g and is 22mm thick. So it will suit everyday use without it feeling too bulky.

RAM Ball And Suction Mount

Mounting Compatibility

Compatible with mounting systems that rely on the AMPS 4 hole pattern (for e.g. RAM mounts). Also works with knee board solutions such as MyClip and AppStrap.

Powered Cooling

Built in rechargeable battery allows the fans to keep going for up to 5 or 6 hours. Temperature sensing also means the fans only turn on when it's too warm.

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