5 Key Features Of The iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case

5 Key Features Of The iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case

Since I released the Cooling Case for the iPad mini 5, I have not gone into the logic/rationale behind some of the design features. So with the recent release of the iPad mini 6 version which has the same Cooling system, I thought it will be worth explaining the design decisions behind different features. 

Some of this might be helpful to those who are considering a Cooling Case and some might just be fun facts. But here are 5 features of the iPad mini 6 Cooling Case and their design rationale.

1) Charging with USB-C 

iPad mini 5 Cooling Case with USB-C charging

The decision to use the USB-C connector for charging the cooling system is a forward thinking one. How many times have we tried to plug in a micro-USB connector and had to take several looks at the plug and the receiving end to make sure they align? But with the USB-C connector, we can simply plug it in without having to check if its the right side up. 

Also, with the iPad mini 6 switching to the USB-C connector, it just means we can rely on just the USB-C cable for both charging the iPad mini and the Cooling Case. #onecabletorulethem

2) 5 hours continuous cooling (~650mAh battery)

Battery life to cool the iPad

In early conversations with different pilots in general aviation, I found that most long flights tend to be close to 4 hours or maybe 5. That is also probably how long most fixed-wing single engine aircrafts can handle. Rotor wing aircrafts will typically do less than that per flight.

There might be exceptions, but that's what I have gathered base on the conversations I have had. So this led to the design decision of having enough juice to cool the iPad continuously for 5 hours. On top of that, adding a temperature sensor means if the condition isn't warm enough, the fans do not have to keep working and the battery lasts even longer

3) Having the ON/OFF switch. 

The ON/OFF switch

Some people have asked why do we need a switch if there's already a temperature sensor. The decision to include an On/Off switch is simply to give users the option to keep it off when they know they don't need cooling for their iPad. It still requires a bit of battery power to monitor the temperature using the temperature sensor, so if someone wants to conserve energy when they know they don't need it (cooling), they can.   

4) Sunon fans.

Focus on the Sunon fans

You might have heard us mention (a few times) about the fans used in the Cooling Case - how it is really powerful and slim. So for additional context, each fan is only 3mm thick and yet it can generate up to 18 liters/min of air flow. They are also rated to IP 55 which means it can survive some dust and water for up to 55 minutes.

More importantly, when we tested the fans with an iPad mini in the sun on a hot day, it kept the iPad cool. Here's a short video of the test: https://youtu.be/XBm9D7eyMwE

5) Apple Pencil 2 support

iPad mini 6 cooling case with Apple Pencil 2

The Apple Pencil 2 is charged by attaching it to the right side of the iPad mini 6 and it charges by induction. It is also held on via magnets. There are some cases in the market that could hold the Apple Pencil 2 but would not allow charging because it creates too much gap between the Pencil and the iPad mini. We have designed the separating wall with a groove so the Pencil is close enough to the iPad for charging, won't get knocked off easily and yet still easy to access.

And that's the 5 different features of our Cooling Case. If there are some other features that you would like included in future Cooling Cases, let us know in our contact page.


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