Kneeboard hack with Quad Lock

Kneeboard hack with Quad Lock

We are hacking again!

Here's another hack for all those who are Quad Lock fans - using the Quad Lock armband as a kneeboard.

I have previously demonstrated how we could use the Quad Lock mount to hold our Cooling Case. That involves sticking the Quad Lock universal adapter to the back of the Cooling Case. You can check that out here: "Quad Lock Integration".

For this Kneeboard hack, there are basically 2 parts to it:

1. Adding the Quad Lock universal adapter to the iPad Mini Cooling Case

2. Adjusting or modifying the Quad Lock armband 

What do we need?

These are all the "ingredients" we need for this hack:

1. Quad Lock Universal Adapter (Original)

2. Quad Lock Armband

3. Or DIY hook and loop strap


- power drill

- Quad Lock Universal Adapter drilling jig (3D printed)

- 4 x M4 screws (will come with your iPad Mini Cooling Case)

The basic steps:

Step 1: Apply Quad Lock Universal Adapter to Cooling Case

Clean the surface of the back of your Cooling Case where the 4 hole pattern is. That is where we will stick the Quad Lock Universal Adapter. 

Remove the backing on the 3M VHB adhesive and stick it over the 4 hole pattern. Use the line markings on the Adapter to align it so its upright. It is recommended to wait 24 hours to allow the 3M bond to take full effect before using the Adapter. [Check out Quad Lock's installation guideline]

Step 2: Set up and adjust the Quad Lock armband

Adjust the strap on the Quad Lock armband and see if it will fit around your thigh close to your knee. If it does, great! You can skip to the next step.

If the Quad Lock Armband strap is too short, you need a velcro or hook & loop strap long enough to secure around your thigh. You can either get a hoop & loop tape kit and make it yourself or use knee straps for runners.

Step 3: Put it all together!

With the Quad Lock armband on your leg, and the Quad Lock Universal Adapter on the back of the iPad Cooling Case, you can now easily secure your Cooling Case to your leg with the twist and lock action. You can also easily change the orientation of the iPad by pushing the blue lever down to release the lock and turn it from landscape to portrait or vice versa.


The optional hack step

Even though our case is made of Nylon and is suited for the Quad Lock Universal Adapter, you may want it to be more secured to the iPad Cooling Case. Or if you want the option to remove the Universal Adapter and reuse it another time, either way this step is for you.

You can drill 4 holes onto the Quad Lock Universal Adapter according to the AMPS 4 hole pattern and secure it to the back of the iPad Cooling Case using the 4 x M4 screws that came with the Cooling Case. You will need to measure the position of the holes, mark them and drill the holes.

Alternatively, I have created a 3D printed jig with the 4 hole template that holds the Quad Lock Universal Adapter in place. Then all you need to do is hold/clamp the jig and drill through the 4 holes with a power drill. Personally I think it is a better way to do it, but it does require making an extra jig that you may not use again. Here's a short video of how I did it with the jig.

If you have a 3D printer at home, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to send you the STL files for the jig so you can make it yourself. 

Also, do note that drilling holes on the Universal Adapter does void the warranty provided by Quad Lock.    

That's all to it! Please leave a comment if you think you would do this. Or if you have done this, let us know how it went!  


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Could you send me the STL file for the jig using a 3D printer? Thanks

Steve Thomas

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