MyClip Legstrap review

MyClip Legstrap review

Pilot preferences for securing iPads in the cockpit can vary, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some pilots prefer leg straps, while others prefer mounts. The choice often depends on individual preferences, the type of aircraft, and the specific setup of the cockpit. We have previously wrote a post about the different leg straps and mounting options that work with our cooling case (link). Among them, I often recommend the MyClip legstrap because it is really simple yet versatile. Most importantly, it works with our cooling case. In this post, I am going to do a more detailed review of the MyClip showing how it works with the iPad (with and without the cooling case).

What's included.

When you order the MyClip Multi, it comes with the legstraps and a pair of extra rubber caps. What are the extra rubber caps for? If we look closely at the Clips (the 2 plastic claw-like pieces attached to the elastic band), the 'ends' of the Clips are rubbery. The purpose is to provide a soft grip on the iPad's screen when the Clips are holding on to the iPad. So I guess if the ones stuck on the Clips fall out or wear out, we can replace them with the extra ones.

MyClip Clips with rubber caps


Using it.

Using the MyClip legstrap is really straightforward. It is basically a strap that we can loop around our leg and we secure the strap in place using the integrated velcro.  Here's a short clip showing how it works:


Holding the iPad Mini

MyClip holding an iPad mini 6 with and without the cooling case

The Clips have a very clever shape and they somehow can hold an iPad mini on its own or when it is in the cooling case, comfortably. It is easy to put on and take out and change the orientation of viewing (landscape or portrait). Here's how in the video below:

Versatility & Usability

MyClip can fit the iPad 8th gen

There are a few unique features of the MyClip that makes it really versatile and usable:

  1. The MyClip elastic strap allows it to fit the iPad Mini as well as the regular iPad
  2. The Clips allow access to on/off button as well as the charging port
  3. Even while holding the iPad mini 6 + cooling case (with Pencil holder) in portrait mode, it is still possible to access the Pencil.

iPad mini 6 cooling case in MyClip still has access to the buttons and charging port 

Last word

The MyClip is a really simple and functional legstrap that works easily with iPads of different sizes. There are no extra adapters or attachments required and it is very compact and portable. Most importantly (in my opinion) is that it works perfectly with our cooling case.

Do check out the video version of my review and if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a comment or reach out to us on our contact page:




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