RAM Universal Hand-Stand Review

RAM Universal Hand-Stand Review

Some context

Early on when I started working on the cooling case for the iPad mini 6, I did a survey asking pilots for their input. Things like how they use their iPads when in the plane and what they would like to see in the cooling case. I didn't receive many requests for additional features. There was one about mount compatibility, another about case material and one about having universal charging (which we do for the iPad mini 6 cooling case).

One slightly different comment was the request for an integrated stand. The person who asked for that is a flight instructor and having an integrated stand lets him/her stand up the iPad during ground sessions with students. 

We did not manage to integrate a stand into this version of our cooling case but we recently came across this Universal Hand-stand by RAM that will support the iPad mini in a standing position. I decided to get one recently and see how it will work with the iPad mini and our cooling case.

Opening and setting up the Hand-stand.

RAM Universal Hand Stand package

The RAM Universal Hand-Stand comes in a bag and it consists of 2 parts that need to be put together - a rubber tether and the actual Universal Hand-stand. Locate the 4 holes on the tether and hook them onto the back of the Universal Hand-stand. (Note: Be careful when stretching the holes on the tether because I found that the one I got started to tear when I pulled it too hard)


Instructions on attaching the Tether to the Universal Hand-Stand

There are two key features of the Uniersal Hand-Stand:

1. The Stand - which supports the iPad mini to stand upright either in portrait or landscape mode.

2. The Hand strap - which lets users insert their palm and hold their iPad securely while working on it.

Here's a RAM video explaining how it works:

Using the Universal Hand-Stand (UHS) with the iPad mini alone

Attaching the UHS to the iPad mini involves wrapping the 4 loops around the corners of the iPad mini. If I am not using the Apple Pencil, it is still OK. I do need to adjust the tether to have the Pencil attached to the iPad mini. 

I found that the fit of the tether is quite loose on the iPad mini by itself. So when I tried to use the hand strap, it is not ideal because the iPad mini moves a lot because of the loose fit. It also means the back of the iPad mini can get scratched by the Hand-Stand itself. 

The stand works alright in this setup. It is better in portrait mode and I can get it to stand quite upright. But in landscape mode, the stand needs to go 'lower' else the iPad mini will fall forward.

Here's a quick video showing how I went with it:

Using the UHS with the Cooling Case

Similarly, attaching the UHS to the iPad mini cooling case is the same as before. The difference being with the cooling case, it is slightly bigger so the tether needs to be stretched to fit in. This means it is a better fit compared to just the iPad mini on its own. I still need to adjust the tether so that I can access the Apple Pencil but it is more straightforward.

Everything else (Stand and hand strap) works as it should. Generally, because the cooling case dimensions are bigger, the tether is a better fit and it feels more secure when holding it with the hand strap. The Pencil holder on the cooling case also helps with accessing the Apple Pencil. 


I think the RAM Universal Hand stand is a pretty cool and useful accessory. I don't recommend using it directly on the iPad mini without a case. It was a very loose fit and the iPad mini could fall out easily. Not to mention the hard plastic of the Hand-strap could scratch the back of the iPad mini. 

On the other hand, having the UHS wrapped around the cooling case was a much better fit. The only thing is, it does add more bulk to the iPad - the overall thickness is about 50mm with the cooling case. So again, this accessory is really for people who:

1. work with their iPad mini at different locations and they need a stand when they use it.


2. if they move around while using their iPad mini for work and they need the hand strap to keep it secure on their hand.

Hope this review was helpful. Leave us a comment if you have used the RAM UHS and let us know how you went!







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