Using your iPad mini 6 cooling case 101

Using your iPad mini 6 cooling case 101

Whether you have pre-ordered your iPad mini 6 cooling case, or still considering if it is the right case for you, we thought it will be useful to show you some basics of using the cooling case.

1 - Charging the cooling case.

When you purchase the iPad mini 6 cooling case, it will come with the cooling case and a USB-C charging cable.

We usually make sure the battery is fully charged before we pack it and send it out. But if you want to make sure that it has a full charge, plug it in with the USB-C charging cable with the other end plugged to a regular 5V 1A/2A charger adapter. The green LED at the back should light up. Then once it is fully charged, the green LED will go off.

2 - Putting in and removing the iPad mini 6 from the cooling case

I know some people might think there's no need to explain this but I think it can't hurt to put it out there. We insert the iPad mini into the case on the charging port end first then push in the top corners of the iPad mini. It should snap in securely. Then when you put in your Apple Pencil 2 (if you have one) into the holder, it should snap in magnetically and charge. If it doesn't show that its charging, give the Apple Pencil a slight nudge towards the iPad mini.

Then taking the iPad mini out is simply a reverse of the steps. Here's a short vid showing how we do it.

3 - Using the iPad mini 6 with the cooling case

Turn on the cooling case by pushing the toggle switch (at the back) outwards. Or towards the edge of the case. 

If the iPad or the environment is not too hot, nothing will happen. But the temperature sensor is now active and will monitor the back of the iPad. Once it gets above 32°C, the fans will get triggered and start cooling the iPad.

4 - Accessing your iPad mini 6

The cooling case gives you access to almost everything you need from the iPad mini. The touch ID button, the volume buttons, the camera, the charging port and even the speakers.

That's basically it. For those who are interested in the other iPad mini cooling cases (4th or 5th gen), it is mostly the same, except there isn't the holder for the Apple Pencil. If you have any other questions about using the iPad mini cooling case, please leave us a comment below or drop us a message on our contact page.

And if you are interested in getting the iPad mini 6 cooling case, you can pre-order it here: Pre-order link

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I’m looking for a cooling case and happily support Australian business I have a ram mount with an x grip to hold mini6 on the yoke of my plane. I’m concerned that the case may make it too big to fit on yoke or the x grip.

Martyn Davis

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