How will the iPad Cooling Case NOT work for you.

How will the iPad Cooling Case NOT work for you.

It is a dream for us to say that the iPad Cooling Case will work PERFECTLY for EVERYONE. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. I have previously talked about what the iPad Cooling Case doesn't do, and here I am going to take a step further and highlight some cases where our current design will not suit. Special thanks to the users who have shared their feedback with us regarding the following scenarios.

1. IF you need the audio jack.

For users of the iPad mini 4 or 5 which still has the audio jack and need access to that, our Cooling Case will not work for you. That's because we did not include access to the audio jack in our design.

2. IF you fly or operate at night (and don't want LEDs lit up) 

Our Cooling Case has LEDs to indicate:

  1. charging (Green LED),
  2. when cooling is ON (Blue LED), and
  3. when the battery life ls 50% or lower (Red LED).

They are meant to be helpful indicators BUT they can be a pain if you fly at night and use night vision goggles (NVG). It is also (apparently) not great if you are flying your drone at night and don't wish to be seen. We are not sure about the latter point but that was just one feedback we received.

Image source: flightsafetyaustralia

3. IF you use a kneeboard that could block the vents.

There are some beautifully designed kneeboards that secures the iPad, a notepad and other accessories (cables, powerbank, cards, stationary etc) that are useful to a pilot. The only thing is when the iPad is secured onto some of those kneeboards, the back of the iPad is fully covered. So if we are using the Cooling Case, the Cooling Case vents would be mostly covered up which prevents airflow and the means for cooling the iPad. That could pose a problem.

Some examples of kneeboards that our Cooling Case potentially might not work well with. (Note: we haven't tested it ourselves, but based on what we can see and some feedback, it is potentially an issue) 

Saying that, there are lots of kneeboards that we know would work with our Cooling Case. Some examples include the MyClip kneeboard and the Dream Pilot Kneeboard (which I reviewed recently).

So what is the alternative in these cases?

IF you are affected by any or all the three points mentioned above and you still need a cooling solution for your iPad Mini, there are two options available:

1. Consider other iPad cooling solutions on the market. I have mentioned some of them in an earlier article here: "A Look at Different Cooling Cases In The Market".

2. Reach out to us to have a chat. We might be able to come up with a workaround solution for you. OR if there is a viable business case (i.e. win-win for all), we could consider working on a custom solution for you.


There are probably other scenarios that make our Cooling Case unsuitable. If you can think of one, feel free to comment below or message us. As we learn about them or gather more feedback from users, I will aim to report it and add to our list of "Things to improve" where possible. Thanks again to those who have shared their feedback.

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