The Cooling Case Cover Swap

The Cooling Case Cover Swap

Upgrading your iPad Mini

The reality is our devices don't last forever and at some point, things (hardware) start to wear and apps don't run as smoothly as we would like them to. Or Apple releases newer iPadOS and they stop supporting the older iPads altogether. Either that or it's the app developers who decide to stop supporting older iPads (e.g. ForeFlight has stopped supporting iPad mini 4 and older). Whichever the case, we would have to upgrade to a newer model at some point (at this point, the newer model is the iPad Mini 6).

The good news is: if you already have our iPad Mini 4/5 cooling case and you need to upgrade to the Mini 6, you can still reuse most of your cooling case!

We have talked about it earlier on (link), but essentially, our cooling case consists of a sleeve/cover that fits a specific iPad Mini model, and, a cooling body.


So that means, you can just order the iPad Mini 6 Cover (without or with the Pencil Holder) and reuse the same ole Cooling Body. 

The Swap

There are 4 clips on the iPad Mini Cover (4/5/6) that holds the Cooling Body. So what we do is unclip the Cooling Body from the iPad Mini 4/5 Cover. Then clip the Cooling Body into the iPad Mini 6 Cover. 

What's more:

Is that when Apple releases the iPad Mini 7 (rumour has it that it will be late 2024), we will develop the iPad Mini 7 Cover with the same clipping features so that it will house the same Cooling Body! That way, we can still have a cover that fits our iPad Mini properly while reusing what still works. 

Here's a more detailed video showing the swap from the iPad Mini 5 Cover to the iPad Mini 6 Cover:

Got any other questions? Reach out to us on our contact page (link) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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