Versatile iPad Kneeboards that work with our Cooling Case

Versatile iPad Kneeboards that work with our Cooling Case

Kneeboards are a great way to secure your iPad especially if you don't have a lot of 'real estate' in your cockpit to mount the iPad. A lot of kneeboards in the market are either in the form of a case/cradle, or a clipboard/folio design. The thing is, most of them would only work with the iPad by itself (without a case) or an iPad with a very slim case. Which means they won't work with our Cooling Case because it is 22mm (or close to 0.9") thick with the iPad Mini in it.

However there are a number of kneeboards out there that are really good and versatile and more importantly, they will fit iPad Minis in our Cooling Case. Here are four kneeboard solution that we think stand out among the rest.

1. MyClip Kneeboard.

First up, we have the MyClip Kneeboard. I have previously done a review of the MyClip which you can read here if you haven't (link). Essentially, it has got a pair of unique claw shaped clips that can hold on to both sides of an iPad while being strapped tightly around the user's leg via hook-and-loop. The unique design of the clips allows them to clamp onto an iPad even when it is in a thicker case (like our Cooling Case).

The other things that stand out for the MyClip are:

  • It is a single strap solution with no other attachments required
  • The clips have rubber ends so it won't scratch the screen


Besides the standard version which they call the MyClip Multi, they also have a military spec'ed version which uses more robust materials, and slightly longer straps to work with G-suits. It also has buckles instead of hook-and-loop so it is better in places with fine sand that could clog up the hook-and-loop.

2. Dream Pilot Kneeboard

Next, we have the Dream Pilot Kneeboard. This is a relatively new product but we have also done a review of this last year. Check it out here (link). Basically, it keeps the iPad staying on the pilot's leg by using magnets. A hook-and-loop strap with a magnetic puck can be worn on the leg. For the iPads with magsafe, they can just attach directly to the magnetic puck. For the other iPads, the product comes supplied with a couple of magnetic discs which users can stick onto the back of their iPads or inside their iPad case. 

This means this can be used with our Cooling Case because we can just stick the magnetic disc inside the Cooling Case and it can attach to the legstrap.

The pros of the Dream Pilot Kneeboard are:

  • You don't need to manually clip or unclip your iPad to change view orientation, its just magnets
  • If you have a magsafe iPad, it is super straightforward

3. AppStrap 5

Thirdly, we have the AppStrap 5. Quite similar to the MyClip, the AppStrap 5 can secure iPads in thicker or bulkier cases and they work with mechanical clips. The main difference is the solution comes in 2 parts: 1) a strap with the clips, and 2) a separate strap with buckle that goes around the pilot's leg. Then there are hook-and-loops that allow the first strap to attach to the legstrap.

In addition to that, it comes with 2 tilt pads that can be placed on the legstrap that the iPad can rest on so users can view their iPads at an angle instead of it being flat.

So a couple of great things about the AppStrap 5 are:

  • You don't need to unclip the 1st strap to change view orientation
  • It has the option to add tilt to improve viewing of the iPad.

4. QuadLock armband + Universal adapter.

Last but not least, we have the QuadLock 'legstrap'. It is not officially a legstrap or kneeboard to begin with, but we just found it a great alternative option especially if you like 'hacks'. We have also previously described how the 'hack' could work for you, check out the article here (link). But in a nutshell, we are using the QuadLock armband as a legstrap. Then when we attach the QuadLock Universal Adapter to the back of our Cooling Case (or any other case), we can easily secure the iPad to our leg.  

The only challenge is the QuadLock armband might be too short for some of us and we need to get longer hook and look straps to replace the original. Also, there is the 'hack' which basically is drilling four holes on the Universal Adaptor so it can be secured more robustly onto the Cooling Case.

Otherwise, the pros of the QuadLock solution are:

  • Great for people who already use QuadLock mounts, or QuadLock smartphone cases.
  • The QuadLock armband ends up having multiple applications.

So which one is better?

Obviously there are pros and cons to each of the kneeboards. Some of them require additional attachments (e.g. a metal disc for Dream Pilot and a Universal Adapter for QuadLock), while some of them just rely on physical clips but they may cover the screen slightly. Some have additional features like a military spec version or tilt pads to improve viewing. While one of them (QuadLock) has an ecosystem so it can be used in other applications. So it really depends on the personal preference and what is more important.

Lastly, here's a video where I demonstrate how the four kneeboard solutions work. Let us know in the comments which one you would prefer. Or if you have used either one of them, let us know what you liked or disliked about them.






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