iPad Cooling Case + MyGoFlight Sport Adapter

iPad Cooling Case + MyGoFlight Sport Adapter

In an earlier writeup about our learnings from Air Venture 2023, we mentioned that we would look into how we could adapt our cooling case to work with different mounting systems including MyGoFlight (MGF) mounts.

So we took the plunge and ordered some MGF stuff from one of the biggest pilot store in Australia (Flight Store AU) - the MGF Sport Mount GPS Adapter & the MGF Sport Mount Flex Suction

Overall, it was pretty straightforward to adapter it to our cooling case and we take you through how it can be done below. 

How it works:

1) Attach the MGF GPS Adapter to the cooling case.

Starting with the GPS Adapter, undo the big screw right in the middle. That separates the 2 components - the actual MGF connection and the AMPs pattern adapter. Then remove the 4 screws that come with it. We can't use those screws with our cooling case because it is too long and the threads are imperial while the nuts in our cooling case has metric threads.  

Using the M4 screws that would come with the cooling case, secure the AMPs pattern adapter to the cooling case. Make sure to use the side with the counterbore holes instead of the countersunk holes. 

Next, secure the actual MGF connection back with the original middle screw. Then it is good to go! 

2) Using it with the MGF flex suction mount.

Simply secure the MGF flex suction mount to where you need it (usually any glass windshield or smooth surface), adjust the flex joints to your desired orientation and it is a simple click and securing of the cooling case with the GPS Adapter. That's it! 

If you prefer to watch a video, here's one where I set it all up from packaging to the iPad with the cooling case secured on the MGF mount:

Hope that helps! Feel free to leave a comment or drop us a message if you have any questions about this. 

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