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What iPad models do our Cooling Cases fit?

Currently, we have the Cooling Case for the iPad Mini 4, 5 & 6 and will follow up with other iPad models soon. Sign up to be informed when Cooling Cases for other models are available.

How does the cooling work?

Diagram Of How The Cooling Works

When the Cooling backpack is switched on, the built-in temperature sensor starts to detect the temperature at the back of the iPad. Once the temperature goes above a threshold (approximately 32°C or 90°F ), the fans will be activated. 

The movement of air brought about by the fans removes excess heat in that area. Through testing, we have had the temperature brought down by up to 12°C. 

For example, when the initial temperature was 50 degrees C (which can cause the iPad to shut down), the Cooling backpack (after it was switched on) was able to bring the temperature down to 38degrees C so that the iPad can continue to function (albeit still warm to the touch). Check out the example here: "How effective is our cooling?


Which mounting accessories work with the Wombat Ware Cooling Case?

AMPS 4 Hole Pattern

The Cooling backpack has the 4-hole AMPS pattern. So it will work with any attachments or mounting systems that use the same pattern. For example, the RAM round plate with ball mount. 

Besides that, we have also tested RAM X-Grip mounts for tablets with their suction cups which allows for securing onto windshields. The iPad case and Cooling pack fits nicely in the X-Grip and can be further secured using the tether that comes with the X-Grip.

For using the iPad on the knee or thigh, we have tested the MyClip Multi strap which can secure the iPad together with the Cooling pack. The MyClip allows users to easily set the viewing either in portrait and landscape, and if required, to switch views by just releasing the clips and re-securing them.

More information about mounting options can be found here: 

"Mounting Options That Work With The iPad Cooling Case (Pilots Edition)"

How is the Cooling powered?

The Cooling Backpack is powered by a rechargeable Lithium polymer battery. It takes between 2-3 hours to fully charge the Cooling pack battery using a USB-C cable and a 5V, 2A power adapter. When fully charged, the battery should last 4-5 hours with the fans on continuously. 

As with all rechargeable batteries, the performance of the battery life will deteriorate after about 400-500 cycles of charging.

What do the LEDs mean when they light up?

LEDs Diagram

There are 3 LEDs (green, blue and red). Here’s what each of them means:

1) Green - charging. When charging, the Green LED will light up. It will go off when the battery is fully charged.

2) Blue - fans on/off. When the Cooling backpack is switched on and the detected temperature is higher than the threshold, the fans will be activated and so will the Blue LED. So when the Blue LED is off, this means the temperature is below 30 degrees C.

3) Red - battery alerts. When the Red LED is flashing, it means that the battery level is less than half; and when it is lit up solid, this means the battery level is less than 30% (and we should charge it when we can).

How much protection does the Cooling Case provide to the iPad?

The Cooling Case is able to protect the iPad from light drops and knocks especially around the corners. Drop tests have not been performed using the Cooling Case. A screen protector is recommended to protect the iPad screen. 

How are the cases made?

Our Cooling Cases are currently manufactured using 3D printing - using Multi Jet Fusion technology developed by HP. The material we chose to use is PA11 or Nylon 11. It is biobased and is more flexible and durable compared to the cheaper alternative PA12 (Nylon 12). This method of manufacturing allows us to product the cases in small batches while maintaining the small design features which would be difficult to achieve using the traditional method of Injection Molding. 

Is the Cooling Case water-proof or dust-proof?

The Cooling Case does not protect the iPad from water or dust. The case itself is not water-proof nor dust-proof. Putting it in water will damage the electronics of the Cooling Case. Too much dust can also affect the fans' performance.



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