Testimonial from a Flight Instructor

The moment that I realised the product was truly working was on a training flight I took with a student, which doubled as a true test of the product. A 2.7 hour nav with temperatures in the low to mid 30’s, and in full sun. Where I would usually be moving my iPad around and switching it off to try to keep it cool, I could leave it mounted without issue. I kept a close eye on it and was constantly feeling for rising temperature, but to my complete surprise it stayed noticeably cooler. Finally I had peace of mind!

- Erin Douglas, Flight instructor in Queensland

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The Cooling Case You Need

It's great when tech works but sometimes they need a bit more support (like when your iPad shuts down due to overheating). We have designed an iPad cooling case that will fit your everyday use of the iPad and especially when you need it most - like for your EFB, drone flying and while working in warmer conditions.

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  • Helicopter pilot

    Wombat Ware 🇦🇺 has designed this very lightweight holder which runs two nice and quiet fans. Mine is an iPad Mini 4, the fans draw air across the back and heat away from the battery. Remarkably effective. It fits the standard Ram Mounts (not included) hole pattern so it was a real easy swap for me.

    - Rene, Heli Pilot based in Borneo

  • Videographer & Pilot

    I travel a lot so I try to use equipment that suits multiple purposes. I use the iPad as an EFB while flying and now with the DJI Raven Eye I can use it as an external monitor for my camera. Either purpose usually sees the iPad getting very hot normally. The Wombat Ware cooling case with built in fan and battery circulates airflow to keep it cool when working in high ambient temps. And they're Australian made :)

    - Richard.Of.Oz, while filming in the Florida heat.

  • Drone pilot

    For a drone pilot, an iPad thermal shut down can be catastrophic and very expensive. However, the Wombat Ware Cooling Case can prevent this nightmare from occurring. Also, it allows you to securely mount your iPad to your controller. Finally I don't have to worry about my expensive iPad falling out and getting damaged. The Wombat Ware Cooling Case is a win-win for drone pilots. It will pay for itself by protecting your drone gear, and preventing accidents.

    - Jon in Phoenix, AZ USA

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How does it work?

A temperature sensor inside the Cooling Case detects when it gets too hot and turns on the two blower fans.

The fans direct the air from the back/outside of the Case into the Case, channels it across and around the case and out again through the vents. This flow of air carries with it some of the heat that is within, cooling down the iPad by up to 10°C.

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