About us

At Wombat Ware we aim to design & create solutions for active iPad users who need added support to keep using their iPads.

iPad Mini Thermal Shutdown

The first challenge we are addressing is preventing the thermal shut down of iPads. The Wombat Ware Cooling Case was designed to solve that challenge while considering some of the different use cases in the various industries including: Aviation (Electronic Flight Bags), Drones, Coaching, Emergency services, Videography/Media Production etc.

Hand Reaching Out To Drone

The Story (how it started)

The Cooling Case started out as a once-off custom prototype idea/solution for a sports scientist who had troubles with an overheating iPad. For those who are interested in the origin story, you will find it here: "Designing An iPad Cooling Case". 

Many years on, it became evident that this problem of the iPad having a thermal shutdown has persisted. It continues to affect a lot more people beyond sports coaching. The main group of people that reached out to me were pilots in general aviation.

Finally in 2020/2021, after much redesign and testing the Wombat Ware Cooling Case was born. There is a bit of forward thinking (or future proofing) put into the design so that it would be adaptable to future iPad models or future add-on requirements (besides cooling). Read more about it here: link.

iPad Mini 5 Cooling Case  

How it's going 

We have only just started with this first design and solution, first catering to the iPad mini 4 & 5. The range will keep expanding as we add designs for the other iPad models as well as accessories. It will also keep evolving and improving as we receive feedback from users. It is our commitment to deliver innovative solutions that work. 

The next milestone we are embarking on is launching the iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case on Kickstarter followed by on our website.


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