Designed In Australia

Designed In Australia

The idea of our iPad cooling case was conceptualised right here in Melbourne Australia. Some years ago, I connected with a sports scientist who uses his iPad for coaching and video analysis applications. On warmer days or sunny days when he is out on the field, he faced the problem of his iPad overheating & shutting down. He needed a cooling solution so he could keep using his iPad.

I came up with a conceptual solution at first and due to various reasons, we didn't pursue it further. The only thing I did was write a story about the process of coming up with a cooling solution. I also delivered a (slightly improved) prototype to him much much later on. 

First conceptual prototype

Fast forward a few years later, I was still receiving comments/messages through that blog post and they were all requests for an iPad Cooling solution. What blew me was that the requests came from varied applications - pilots, gaming, logistics, drones, emergency services, construction and outdoor sales people. But arguably the most number of requests came from pilots and drone users. 

Subsequent prototypes

I went through a couple of starts and stops over the last few years and had gone through multiple design iterations plus extra testing to make sure that the cooling is effective. 3D printing had been a great help in all that process and it has brought this project further. Also huge thanks to great peers who contributed to different parts of the design process). 

So with the final design, though most of the components are sourced from overseas (at the moment), I can at least proudly say that it is designed locally in Australia!   

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