How do you know which iPad model you have?

How do you know which iPad model you have?

Typically after we purchase our iPads and start using it, we may not remember the specific model that we have. We might know it by its size - regular iPad (9.7") or iPad Pro (11" or 12.9") or iPad mini. But we likely don't pay attention to which generation it is. Not until when we need to get an accessory for the iPad, for example like a case, that we need to know the specific model so we buy a case that fits. 

So what are some ways we can identify our iPad model? We found a few different approaches:

1) Looking at the back of the iPad. 

For those who have really good eyesight, the model number is at the back of the iPad (it usually starts with 'A' followed by 4 numbers). But you would still have to jump on the Apple website (link) to work out what model it is (e.g. A2124, A2125, A2126, A2133 are all variations of iPad Mini 5) 

source: link


2) Go to Settings in your iPad.

If you have your iPad handy, you could also go to "Settings > General > About" and you should see the Model Name of the iPad. 

If you want to be more precise, searching up the Model Number (e.g. MK7P3X/A) on Google will let you know whether the iPad is a Wifi or Cellular version. 

3) Using your iPhone

If you use an iPhone (signed in using the same Apple ID as your iPad), you could also go to the settings in your iPhone, select the Apple ID at the top and it would list out other Apple devices you own and it usually shows you the model of your iPad.

4) Features that differentiates certain models 

Sometimes, when Apple releases a newer generation of an iPad, it comes with major changes in dimensions and features. For example with the iPad Mini 6th gen, there are some big differences in external features. A few significant feature changes include: removal of the home button, USB-C charging, aluminum 'square' body and moving the buttons to the top of the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini 6

Then of course by checking if the iPad has a sim card slot or not helps differentiate if it is a Wifi or a cellular model.

These are the few methods that we have come across. If you know any other methods, do drop us a message in the chat or contact page.



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