Mounting Options That Work With The iPad Cooling Case (Pilots Edition)

Mounting Options That Work With The iPad Cooling Case (Pilots Edition)

The iPad Cooling Case can be used in a range of different applications and industries. As mentioned elsewhere on our website, people who might benefit from an iPad Cooling Case include Pilots who use their iPads as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), people who fly drones, gamers, coaches, people who work in logistics, mining and emergency services. Different users would also hold or mount their iPads (with the Cooling Cases) differently because of their application and environment.

Weight and thickness of iPad Cooling Case

As our iPad Cooling Case is thicker than the regular protective case or sleeve (~22mm thick), we have tried out a few products in the market that would work well for Pilots. Based on what we have tested and researched, here are some of those mounting options.

1) Ram Mounts

First up, we have the Ram Mounts. Ram has this tablet clamp or grip product (X-Grip Universal Holder for 7"-8" tablets) that will work perfectly with the iPad Cooling Case. The additional rubber tether that can be wrapped around the four corners of the iPad further secures the iPad so it doesn't fall out.

The X-Grip can be used together with Ram's suction cup with standard socket arm as pictured below.

For a cleaner looking option, we can use the Ram Round plate with ball. We just need to secure the Round plate to the back of the iPad Cooling Case using four M4x16mm screws. Then the ball can be attached to a standard socket arm and suction cup mount as seen in the picture below.  

We made a short video demonstrating how the X-Grip and Round plate with ball will work with the iPad Cooling Case:

2) MyGoFlight Mounts

Although we didn't test this out ourselves, from what we can see, the best option for people who use MyGoFlight mounting systems is to get their Sport X-Naut Puck Adapter. The Puck Adapter has got the same 4 holes (AMPS pattern) that matches the back of our iPad Cooling Case. Once that is attached to the iPad Cooling Case, it should work on any MyGoFlight mounts. (link to MyGoFlight)

3) Kneeboard Options

For Pilots who prefer the kneeboard options when using their iPads, there are a couple which we have tried that works well with our iPad Cooling Case.


MyClip is a very straightforward solution. It has a strap that goes around the user's thigh and there are two large clips that can be adjusted to hold the iPad either in portrait or landscape mode. The clips are designed such that users can still access the home button and plug in the lightning connector to charge the iPad.

AppStrap 5 (S)

The AppStrap 5(S) is another kneeboard option that works with the iPad  Cooling Case (for the iPad Mini). It has one strap with clips that goes on the iPad Mini horizontally across the back and clips on the long edges of the iPad. There is another strap that goes around the user's thigh. Both straps have velcro, so the strap on the iPad can attach to the other strap secured on the user's thigh. They even come with little pads that you can place under the iPad Cooling Case to create a tilt for better viewing of the iPad.


We also put together a video showing how each of the kneeboard options work:

Hopefully that helps. If you have any further questions about mounting options either for aviation or other applications, please feel free to reach out on our Contact Us Page.  



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Hi Wombats,
Thanks for showing my product on your website and the great demo video! If you ever need some more samples just send me an email and I will be happy to send you a couple of MyClips. We also have a couple of military versions as well.
Best Regards,
Jim Peters

Jim Peters

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