A Look at Different Cooling Cases In The Market

A Look at Different Cooling Cases In The Market

There are a number of iPad cooling cases/mounts that are available in the market. I wanted to showcase some of the different solutions (that I am aware of) and the companies that make them. They are all slightly different in their designs and approach and they all have their pros and cons. Hopefully, this will help people make more informed decisions and pick one that they prefer/suits them better.


X-Naut is probably the first iPad cooling mount that came into the market back in 2017 and they were clearly targeting pilots in general aviation. The mounts have either 2 or 4 axial fans - 2 for the iPad minis and 4 for the bigger iPads. They subsequently developed mounting adapters for DJI drone users and later on they developed ruggedised iPad cooling cases for the regular (or non-mini) iPads. (As of writing this, the ruggedised cooling cases are not available yet on their website)

Here's a list of pros and cons of the X-Naut cooling mounts:

MyGoFlight - Cool Case 

MyGoFlight has developed iPad kneeboards since 2010 and they have their own suite of mounting ecosystem. It was around 2019 (estimate) that they released cool cases for the different iPad models. The MyGoFlight (MGF) cool cases utilises the same mounting ecosystem and has the same kneeboard support. They also use a blower fan as the cooling mechanism and have cool cases for the iPad Pro 11" (Gen 1 - 4), iPad Air (Gen 4 & 5) and iPad mini 6.

Here's a list of pros and cons of the MyGoFlight cool cases:

Qore Performance - IceCase

Qore Performance is a company that started back in 2015 to solve overheating among athletes, military and law enforcement personnel. They were focused on cooling and hydrating people who work outdoors. The key cooling mechanism is using water or ice. Later on, they adapted their cooling blocks (Icebloqs) to fit into their iPad case to cool down warm iPads. They do support a range of iPad models including the iPad minis, the iPad 9.7" 5th & 6th Gen and iPad 10.2" 7th-9th Gen. 

Here's a list of pros and cons of the IceCase:

How does our cooling case stand out from the others?

Given that they all have a cooling solution for the iPad Mini 6, we did a comparison between our cooling case for the iPad Mini 6 and their solution. Here's a table that summarises it:

Yes, it's true, I am obviously a little bit biased in the above comparison and only highlighted the strengths of our own cooling case design. And even the "Pros and Cons" can be a little bit subjective.

But to be fair, there are some really great qualities in each of the cooling solutions:

If you like to have a comprehensive mounting ecosystem

or you already have MyGoFlight mounts, then the MyGoFlight cool case will work well for you.

If you only need a cooling mount and don't like your iPad in a case all the time,

then the X-Naut cooling mounts will suit you best.

If you don't like to be charging devices or changing batteries,

then the Qore Performance IceCase will be perfect for you.

There's probably more active cooling cases or solutions for iPads out there that we are not aware of. If you know one that is really good, please leave a comment below. Thanks!



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