EOI For The iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case

Are you an iPad Mini 6 user? 

Do you use an iPad Mini 6 and are concerned that it might overheat and shutdown when in use? You might be flying* in the sun or in really warm conditions and that can cause the iPad Mini to get too hot and it stops operating for safety reasons. It has happened to many people qq and you are not alone. Which is why we are working on a cooling case for this new iPad mini.

Flying with the new iPad mini 6

iPad mini as an EFB (source- iPad Pilot News)

[* Or piloting a drone with the iPad mini or filming with the iPad mini as an external monitor or coaching with your iPad mini during summer.] 

iPad mini 6 applications

[Left: With DJI Drone (source- AirPhotography), Right: As an external monitor (source- SocialVibes)]

Same Cooling Concept

The cooling case for the iPad mini 6 will be built on the same cooling concept as our iPad mini 4 & 5. Basically, it has the same cooling module and just has the “case” portion that fits the iPad mini 6 perfectly. On top of that, we are exploring adding on a couple of features that would allow users to maximise the use of their newest iPad mini.

Cooling module for iPad cooling case

The two key features we are trying out in this new design are:

  1. Support for the Apple Pencil 2 - an extension on the right side of the case that holds the Apple Pencil while allowing it to be charged via induction charging from the iPad mini 6.
  2. Knee strap mounts integrated into the case design - allowing an elastic strap to be looped through the case so that it can be secured to the pilot's leg.

iPad Mini 6 Survey

If you would like to share your opinion about the above 2 features, we would love to hear from you! Whether you use the Apple Pencil 2 with your iPad mini 6 and how you would prefer to secure your iPad mini 6 while flying (if you are a pilot). Please help us fill up this survey below so that we can design a cooling case that will serve you best.

Survey: https://forms.gle/zz28inNUQWVQ9nVF6

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