How Does The Cooling Case Work & How Effective Is It?

How Does The Cooling Case Work & How Effective Is It?


There are a couple of ways to look at cooling: one is where we are putting something cold into an environment and causing it to cool down, and another is where we are removing heat from a warm environment thus also causing it to cool down. 

The Wombat Ware Cooling Case operates on the second approach. Two blower fans inside the Cooling Case direct the air from the back/outside of the Case into the Case, channels it across and around the case and out again through the vents. This flow of air carries with it some of the heat that has been generated or coming from the iPad.  

 Side view of the iPad Cooling Case

So how effective is it??

Our own test:

In one of our tests, we placed the iPad and the Cooling Case under direct sunlight on a pretty warm day (30+ degrees C) to see how it would cope. We placed temperature probes inside the Case and on the surface of the iPad screen. After about 15 minutes, the fans were hard at work, the surface or top of the iPad screen measured around 49.2 degrees C but the iPad was still functioning. The temperature probe on the inside of the case was measuring 37.1 degrees. This showed that the Cooling Case was quite effective in keeping the temperature of the iPad lower and preventing it from shutting down. Here's a little video showing the test:

User testing:

More recently, one of our users was testing the Cooling Case while flying his DJI drone on a really hot day and he was happy to report that his iPad did not shutdown. In his words:

"It was officially 116 degrees, that's 47 degrees Celsius for my friends down under. I can honestly report that my body gave out before your device did. I wanted to try and fly three batteries worth. At about 20 minutes a battery, I was looking at trying to fly an hour in that heat. I made it through two batteries before I thought I was going to pass out from heat stroke. I did not suffer any thermal shutdowns, or any problems due to overheating (except myself that is LOL!) I got to believe that qualifies as a worst case scenario, because no sane person would fly their drone in that kind of heat." 


As we can see, the Cooling Case is rather effective in removing excessive heat from the iPad and allowing it to keep working. For those who are experiencing overheating in your iPad, the Wombat Ware Cooling Case will solve your problem. 

If you are using an iPad Mini 5, you can purchase a Cooling Case now. Or if you are using a different iPad model and want a cooling solution, please leave us a note on our Contact Us page and we will be sure to follow up!



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