iPad mini 6 cooling case is now available for pre-order!

iPad mini 6 cooling case is now available for pre-order!


- exactly what the title says: you can now pre-order the iPad mini 6 cooling case at a special price. If you order it now or before May. We should ship it out to you in early or mid-June. Orders after that will need to wait another 3-4 weeks.

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Some context

Back in March, we launched the iPad mini 6 cooling case on Kickstarter. Due to a combination of reasons, we did not meet the Kickstarter project goal. But because we still had some decent number of backers and behind the scene supporters, we decided to go ahead and produce the iPad mini 6 cooling cases in small batches. 

Key features of iPad mini 6 cooling case

Seeing this for the first time?

In case this is the first time you are coming across our cooling case for the iPad mini 6, here are the key features of the cooling case:

1) It is slim and portable (22mm thick, weighs 111g)

2) It provides effective cooling that will prevent your iPad from overheating, even on a 40°C (104°F) day.

3) It holds the Apple Pencil 2 securely while allowing it to be charged.

4) It has a 4 hole AMPS pattern at the back and works with various mounts

5) Its rechargeable battery provides cooling for at least 5 hours 

6) It's in-built temperature sensor triggers the fans so they are on only when needed.  

7) It is also possible to 'upgrade' the cooling case when you upgrade your iPad mini in the future.

 RAM mount holding the iPad mini 6 cooling case


If you are curious how our cooling case compares with what is out there in the market, check out our other article here: "The Pros & Cons Of Different iPad Cooling Cases In The Market"

Or if are unsure whether it will work well, check out what one of our Beta users had to say: "Testimonial From A Flight Instructor In Queensland"

What does pre-ordering mean?

Pre-ordering means we don't have the cooling cases available at the moment but we are going to make them. So when you pre-order the cooling case, we promise to deliver the cooling case to you at an appointed time which is right after we put together the cooling cases.

We estimate it should take us 4-5 weeks to get the components/parts and assemble the cases. Since people who pre-order have to wait a bit longer to get their cooling cases, we will be offering a discount off the intended price of $309 to $299.

This price is only available for a limited time (till 30th June) and a limited quantity of 200 units, whichever comes first.

Ready to pre-order?

You can do so on our page here: iPad mini 6 cooling case. Or if you have any other questions, feel free to send us a message here: contact us









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