A drone pilot using the iPad Cooling Case with the DJI Controller

Mounting The Cooling Case To a DJI Controller - MavMount + WWMM Adapter

Quick Intro

One application where the iPad Cooling Case can be very helpful is in flying drones. Drones from brands like DJI and Holy Stone allow users to use their iPads (and other mobile devices) together with their Apps to work as a touch screen interface when flying the drone. The App on the iPad will show the footage from the camera and some vital stats such as remote control connectivity, GPS signal, battery life of the drone, etc. 

Flying a drone with an iPad in warmer weather and under the hot sun is where it could pose a problem - that is the iPad could overheat and shutdown. But then that's where the iPad Cooling Case can become a lifesaver!

Mounting the Cooling Case to a DJI Controller

One of our early adopters (Jon) flies with a DJI Mini 2 and an iPad Mini 5th Gen. He has faced the problem of the iPad Mini shutting down previously when it got too hot and decided to give us a go. 

DJI Controller with MavMount Scout Adapter for iPad Mini 5

Before having the iPad Cooling Case, he used the MavMount's Scout Adapter and clamp and he had a regular iPad Mini protective case. But the clamp wasn't able to hold the thicker iPad Cooling Case ( about 22m thick). So he had to look at bigger clamps. Unfortunately, the options out there, for e.g. this Heavy Duty Clamp (also from MavMount) shown below, wasn't ideal. He felt that it wasn't secure enough for his iPad Mini with the Cooling Case and his iPad could fall out quite easily.

MavMount Adapter and clamp options

So after some tinkering (with epoxy and a 1/4" nut), he came up with an adapter concept that fits into the 4 hole pattern on the back of the Cooling Case as well as the screw on the MavMount (which has a standard 1/4" camera mount screw thread). It worked really well - when the iPad + Cooling Case was attached to the controller, it felt really secure and gave him a lot of confidence when flying his DJI mini 2

Wombat Ware MavMount Adapter

From Jon's input, we designed and fabricated an adapter that works the same way and sent it out to him. He was really happy with it and he says the only little gripe he had was he would have preferred the adapter black. [Sorry Jon]. At the moment, we are just calling it the Wombat Ware MavMount Adapter or WWMM Adapter. If you think it should be named something else, please do contact us.  

Drone User Flying his DJI Mini with the iPad Cooling Case

Drone user (Jon) flying his DJI Mini 2 with the iPad Cooling Case.

Lastly, if you would also like to get the Wombat Ware MavMount Adapter, let us know. Stay subscribed to us at the bottom of the page or drop us a message on our Contact Us page so that we can keep you posted when the Adapter is available. 

[EDIT] The Wombat Ware MavMount Adapter is now available and you can get it here: link.     

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