Product Review - Dream Pilot Kneeboard

Product Review - Dream Pilot Kneeboard

A couple of months back, we mentioned a lightweight kneeboard strap called Dream Pilot Kneeboard in our newsletter. They have 2 versions of kneeboard straps - a magnetic one which they call their Magic Kneeboard and an adjustable kneeboard that holds mini tablets and smartphones. I reached out to them earlier on, trying to find out if it will work with our cooling case, and they were kind enough to send me a sample to try out. So here's our little review of their Magic Kneeboard.


Packed into a small (135 x 95 x 50mm) box is a small fabric pouch, an adjustable knee strap with a magnetic pad, and a couple of metal discs with adhesive on one side. There is, of course, a user manual included explaining how it all works.

Setting Up

The set up is really straightforward. 

The user manual page 1 & 2.

We are meant to stick a metal disc either directly in the back of our device (iPad or smart phone or tablet) OR if our device has a case (e.g. an iPad Cooling Case), we could stick the metal disc on the inside of the case.

So since I want to use it with our Cooling Case, I peeled off the adhesive backing and stuck the metal disc on the inside of the Cooling Case. The only thing is, the disc can't fit in the middle of the Cooling Case. So I placed it just above.

iPad Mini 5 Cooling Case + Dream Pilot Kneeboard

Using the kneeboard

Once the Metal disc is stuck inside the Cooling Case, the next thing is using it with the knee strap. The adjustable knee strap quite long and stretchy and relatively easy to put on. We just have to make sure the Magnetic pad is facing up when wearing the strap on your leg. Once the knee strap is on, we can just attach the Cooling Case.

Variations of using the kneeboard

Since the whole premise of securing the iPad (and Cooling Case) is relying on the magnetic pad, I decided to try alternative ways to make it work (instead of using the Metal disc)

1) Using the four screws that come with the Cooling Case. 

Since the screws are basically steel and magnetic, we can leave the screws on the Cooling Case and attach it to the kneeboard magnetic pad.

2) Using a used coin cell battery.

The coin cell battery is a lot smaller (in diameter) and fits the centre of the Cooling Case easily. I just need to use a bit of double sided tape to secure the coin cell to the Cooling Case and it basically works the same. 

Final thoughts

The Dream Pilot Kneeboard is a really simple to use kneeboard solution that utilises a magnetic pad. They provide Metal discs with an adhesive side so that you could stick that onto your iPad directly or within a case. I have found that the disc is a bit too big to fit in the middle of the Cooling Case but it could still sit slightly higher. Alternatively, there are alternative ways to attach the Cooling Case to the Dream Pilot Kneeboard (i.e. screws or a used coin cell).

Also, they do give you more than 1 Metal disc. So you could have at least 2 devices that snaps on easily on the Kneeboard. Plus if you use a MagSafe device, you could use it directly with the Kneeboard. Which makes it a really versatile Kneeboard strap. 

Prefer to watch a video? Here's one where I unbox the Kneeboard and set it up with the iPad Cooling Case:


If you have any other questions about the Dream Pilot Kneeboard, our Cooling Case or anything related, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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