What The iPad Cooling Case Doesn't Do.

What The iPad Cooling Case Doesn't Do.

We have previously talked about how to use the cooling case and what kind of accessories and mounts you could use with the cooling case and we even tried out some hacks to expand the ways we could use the cooling case. But just to be sure, we wanted to be clear that there are some things that just will not fly with the cooling case. And here are five things:

1. The iPad cooling case is not drop proof.

The iPad cooling case will protect your iPad from scratches at parts where the case covers and if there were some small drops and bumps, it will keep your iPad safe. But it will definitely not do well in a higher than 3 feet or 1m drop. We are looking into ways that could enhance protection and we are doing some trials at the moment. In the meantime, its best to have a screen protector on your iPad.

2. The iPad cooling case is not water proof.

Carrying the iPad cooling case while walking in a drizzle or gentle rain should be fine. Please don't dunk the iPad cooling case into a pool. We haven't tried it but I am pretty sure it will not end well. 

3. The iPad cooling case cannot charge your iPad

There is a small rechargeable battery in the cooling case that powers the fans. But unfortunately, that is all it does. It can't charge the iPad. Maybe later on we might design a cooling case that can charge your iPad. For now it's best to carry a power bank especially for longer trips.  

4. The iPad cooling case only fits specific iPad models.

Currently we only support iPad minis with our cooling cases. At some point in the near future, we are planning to develop cooling cases (sleeves) for the other iPad models. But even then, each iPad sleeve only fits a certain iPad model. The only universal thing is the cooling body which can fit different iPad sleeves. You can read more about that here: "How Our Design Is Upgradeable To Future iPad Models"

5. The iPad cooling case cannot cool down the user.

Nope. The fans only cool the iPads. You might feel a cool breeze on your hand when you are holding the iPad cooling case. But that's as much cooling you will get from the cooling case. Unfortunately, there aren't any plans in our product roadmap to address cooling the user (sorry!) so you will need to find an alternative cooling for yourself.


But what the iPad cooling case does do is:

  • Holds your iPad snugly and protects it from scratches and light bumps especially at the corners
  • It provides a slim cooling solution that easily fits in your bag or on your leg when you are flying.
  • Saves you from stressing about an iPad thermal shutdown when it is a hot day (over 45°C or 113°F)
  • Provides continuous cooling for up to 5 hours
  • Supports mounting with the AMPS 4 hole pattern

You can order one of our iPad mini cooling cases here (product page) or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we release cooling cases for other iPad models!

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