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iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case + MyClip (MK-FB)

iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case + MyClip (MK-FB)

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Need a cooling solution for your iPad Mini and also looking for a versatile kneeboard to go with it? Look no further. Get our iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case bundled with the MyClip and get all your problems solved.

What you get:

  • iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case
  • USB-A to USB-C 1 metre charging cable (for charging the Cooling Case)
  • 4x M4 screws (for securing to mounts with the AMPS 4 hole pattern)
  • MyClip (Military Spec) Kneeboard

iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case Features:

  • Thin and lightweight (approx. 22mm thick and 101g)
  • Durable and flexible plastic enclosure 
  • Rechargeable battery that can provide continuous cooling for up to 5 hours (on a full charge)
  • A temperature sensor activates the fans when it gets too warm 
  • Compatible with mounts that have the 4-holes AMPS pattern
  • Compatible with clamp mounts that can hold tablets with thicker cases (at least 22mm thick) 
  • Capable of cooling the iPad Mini down by close to 10°C

MyClip (Military Spec) Kneeboard Features:

  • Simple compact design
  • Mechanical clips that hold on to the iPad securely
  • Allows for portrait or landscape viewing of the iPad
  • Still allows access to buttons and charging port on the iPad
  • Adjustable strap that is long enough to work with G-Suits
  • Military spec materials that are Berry Compliant


iPad Mini 6 and Apple Pencil not included. Only pictured for illustration.


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More On Using Our Cooling Case

Stress Free Use Of the iPad Mini

No need to worry or check if the iPad is getting too hot. The built-in temperature sensor will monitor the back of the iPad and trigger the fans when it is over 32°C and cool it down. Mount it or place it at a spot that is convenient for you, even if it has to be in the sun.

Portable Enough For Everyday Use

You can leave the iPad Mini in the Cooling Case and use it as an everyday case. It gives access to most of the features including the cameras, buttons and charging. It is slim enough to carry around and doesn't take up any extra space in a flight bag.

Mounting Options For Pilots

The Cooling Case can be mounted using different RAM Mounts and other knee straps such as the MyClip or AppStrap. More info here: link.

Do you already use Quad Lock products?


Quad Lock Integration

We have trial and tested the Quad Lock universal adaptor with the Quad Lock ball mount and it works a treat. Good news is: You can now purchase it all directly from our store!

You can learn more about the integration in the link below.

Learn More

Do you use a different iPad?

Do you need a cooling case for a bigger or different iPad model? We are working on them soon. Drop us a message and let us know which iPad model you have and we will reach out as soon as we have a cooling case for you!

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