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Wombat Ware

Wombat Ware Mavmount Adapter

Wombat Ware Mavmount Adapter

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We call this the WombatWare Mavmount (WWMM) Adapter because that's what it was first made for. You can read more about why we made it here - link.

The WWMM Adapter has the 4 hole AMPS pattern and it can be secured onto a 1/4" screw thread. This is what most commonly used camera tripods have as well.

Essentially, the WWMM Adapter can be fastened onto the back of the iPad Cooling Case (using 4 x M4 screws) so that it can be safely secured onto a MavMount Scout adapter as seen in the photos.

This was what one of our users had to say: 

"For a drone pilot, an iPad thermal shut down can be catastrophic and very expensive. However, the Wombat Ware Cooling Case can prevent this nightmare from occurring. Also, it allows you to securely mount your iPad to your controller. Finally I don't have to worry about my expensive iPad falling out and getting damaged. The Wombat Ware Cooling Case is a win-win for drone pilots. It will pay for itself by protecting your drone gear, and preventing accidents."

Jon in Phoenix, AZ USA 



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