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Quad Lock

Quad Lock 1" Ball Adaptor

Quad Lock 1" Ball Adaptor

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Integrate Quad Lock® with your existing RAM mount using the Quad Lock® 1” Ball Adaptor Mount.


  • The strong, patented dual-stage lock secures your iPad to the mount without the need for cumbersome lanyards, straps, bands or magnets. 
  • Use your existing 1” RAM socket arm to securely grip the 1” Rubber Ball Adaptor.


  • No tools are needed. The familiar 1” Ball Adaptor makes it quick and easy to install to your existing 1” RAM socket arm at a viewing angle that suits you.
  • Simply twist and lock to attach your iPad (with the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor). Use the lever and twist to detach.


  • Reduce the size of your current mount so that your iPad sits discreetly on the windscreen in either portrait or landscape mode.


  • Quad Lock Universal Adaptor, iPad Cooling Case and 1” Socket Arm Not Included
  • Quad Lock Universal Adaptor shown in the last image was modified as described here: link. Modification of the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor will void Quad Lock warranty.  
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